Why Do Producers Use Type Beats?

Music producers, whether you’re just getting started right now in the game or you’re just starting to get your beats out there for leasing. You may be seeing something that is really, really prevalent now and has been prevalent for many and many of years and that sure is the type beats promotion. I call it promotion, I call it a marketing tool, I call it an advertising tool because that’s what it is. You know, a lot of people kind of look down on it because they say well, you know, my beats sound unique, my beats don’t sound like anybody else, you know and my beats can be for any rapper and you know a lot of pride gets in the way. But really what it is, is a marketing tool.

Producers, you’re deciding to do the type beats situation, maybe you’re a producer that’s like man I don’t wanna do it, because everybody else is doing it. That’s understandable, but I would say this, it’s a great opportunity to really leverage the popularity and the traffic another artist is getting and expose yourself to people that may not ever have had a chance to hear your beats. You know, maybe you don’t like that. Well then here’s another way to look at it. If you really wanna be unique, you don’t have to use sort of the same 15 rappers that everybody cycles through. You know, everybody got this type beat, you know, Big Sean type beat or J. Cole type beat or you know a Little Uzi Vert like everybody recycles the same names. You don’t have to do that, you have the opportunity to use names that are lesser you know lesser used. So, you know, if you wanna wake up tomorrow and start promoting your beats as a DMX type beat, they are people who are gonna immediately know what that is supposed to come with that. What that entails, you know, you really get a chance to paint the picture of your beat before they even heard the first note. So, don’t look down upon the type beats, try to understand it and see how you can use it for yourself.

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-Beats Central Team

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