Welcome To Beats Central!

Beats Central provides a social marketplace where its users can sell their own beats to one another. Beats Central will lead the digital music revolution. We provide the easiest and most simple way of selling beats online. Beats Central makes its money by having people purchase one of our three subscription plans. One plan is free, where the user gets to keep 80 percent of their sales while Beats Central takes 20 percent. The other two plans go for $7.99 and $20.00 a month. Each plan comes with its own set of different features for the users to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of music can I sell?

You can sell beats, songs, mixtapes, beat tapes, albums, and soundkits..

Can I give away music for free?

Absolutely, you can allow unlimited free downloads for any music you specify

How do I get paid for my music Sales?

When someone purchases your music on Beatscentral.co the customer is directed to make the transaction via your personal or business PayPal account. Once the transaction is processed the funds show up immediately in your PayPal account.

Does Beats Central take a percentage of my sales?

Pro and Unlimited members keep 100% of all their music sales. Free members keep 80%.

Do I have to commit to a long-term membership?

No, you can change your membership or cancel at any time.

Can I upload my large track stems?

Yes, you can upload your track stems in a compressed ZIP file

Do you give me information on who purchased or downloaded my music?

Yes, Pro and Unlimited members have record of all customer email addresses from purchases and downloads in their My Media reports dashboard.

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