Setting Up Realistic Goals/Expectations

We must set realistic goals in order to be successful. These expectations often lead to failure, self-doubt, defeat and develop poor mental capacity to actually achieve realistic goals that we should set for ourselves on a daily basis. I mean, come on. If you can’t hold up your end of the bargain with yourself, how does that translate when you’re dealing with other people? But, I will say this. I finally got tired of setting myself up for failure. As I’ve grown, I realized I’ve probably just been a little too aggressive with my approach.

Step 1. Stop Overwhelming Yourself
Sometimes setting smaller and easier goals or resolutions and accomplishing them over and over can set a standard of winning and it also helps motivate you to set bigger goals

Step 2. Pace Yourself

Stop trying to fit everything into one year or too much stuff in a short amount of time. Write down your goals for the year, then write down small tasks that you can accomplish to slowly reach your big goal. Remember to always write down your progress, numbers, so that you can see where your at, to see how close you are to completing your goal.

Keep Grinding
-Beats Central Team

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