How Many Beats Should I Upload a Week?

Music producers you are out there, you’ve been uploading your beats, you’ve been probably getting a few sales, now you wanna up the ante, now you wanna level up. You’ve been making all kinda beats, all kinda styles, you looking at the charts, what’s actually popular right now? You’re sitting here, you’re strategizing and then you’re sitting, thinking to yourself, man I only came up with 2 or 3 beats this week, there’s not many resources out there to kinda help you strategize on that and let’s talk about that.

How many beats you make per week first of all is not as important as what kind of beats you’re making and the quality of the beats that you are providing. Now I can sit here and give you a number and say that 2-3 beats should basically help you along your process, you should be basically notifying your customers via email, you know it’s enough to keep your customers interested and keep checking back to your website for new beats. 2-3 beats a week is perfectly fine. But a lot of producers still find a lot of success doing 1 beat every 2 weeks. Because that one beat is something that people can tell they put a lot of time and a lot effort.

You know what I suggest you do is really focus on quality and not just quality, because you can make the wrong beats and have quality wrong beats. Imagine if your niche is actually not Trap, and all you doing is making Trap beats, imagine your niche is R&B and you have a few R&B beats that have sold really well, but you’re like ehhh that’s not the direction I wanna go, well that’s the direction your customers want you to go and that’s where the dollar bills that are coming in want you to go.

So, in terms of how many beats you should provide each week, like I said 2-3 should be enough, but really don’t focus on the number, focus on the quality and focus on if you’re providing what your niche actually wants from you.

You have to go where the money is.

Keep Grinding
-Beats Central Team

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