Equipment for Beginners

Right off the bat, you’ll need a laptop. It will need a lot of RAM and storage because of the software you will be using to create beats. You will also need a laptop to upload to Beats Central, no brainer. Your laptop will be the foundation for your studio so we suggest that you don’t cheap out and buy a crappy laptop. Next, comes the keyboard. Most producers generally use a 25-key or 49-key keyboard. The 25-key is perfect for producers that are mobile or have to make long trips. Then, the headphones. These should be studio quality headphones. Headphones are crucial when needing to listen closely to find any mistakes. Headphones come in handy when you can’t use your studio monitors because you can’t make that much noise from your studio, for example, if you live in an apartment.

Keep Grinding
-Beats Central Team

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