So you want to be a successful right? Not only do you need incredible lyrics, dope production, clean mixes and a supporting team; but you need to have your social media in order!

FIRST THINGS FIRST: STOP, and I mean STOP, sending your music links to people on on twitter (unless they asked), especially celebrities and industry vets. I get shown new music all the time from friends, family and industry colleagues. You know the first question I ask them? “How did you find out about the artist.” And not ONE TIME have they said from being “sent” a music link on twitter. That’s not promoting, marketing or social media. That’s one word. SPAMMING. Stop being lazy, do your research and learn how to market your music properly. Google is free, libraries are free, knowledge is free. Educate yourselves or get left behind.

NUMBER 2: Do not engage in beefs with other on social media. It only makes you look stupid and most importantly, it discourages other people in wanting to work with you in the future!

NUMBER 3: Stop tagging a bunch of people on posts/comments on social media! I cant tell you how many times I get tagged on completely random posts that have nothing to do with me, it will most likely only get you blocked.

NUMBER 4: Stop having different names on social media. If you can’t get the exact same name on social media, then do your best to have similar names. For example, our name on Instagram is @beatscentralofficial, but our name on Twitter is @beats_central1. Obviously, we would love them to both be the same, but we couldn’t make that happen, so we had to get them as close as we could.

Keep Grinding
-Beats Central Team

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