Are You Overproducing Your Beats?

Music producers are you over producing your beats? That’s a good question to ask as you start to put your beats together. I think you know one issue a lot of producers have especially in the very beginning and honestly, there’s established producers who have this issue sometimes and it may be the reason why we don’t see so many placements for them as the years go on, is that they overproduce the record. Now, what is overproducing? How do you define it? For me, I would say over producing a record is filling up a beat or an instrumental with so many instruments, so many channels that you don’t leave space for probably, one of the most important additions which are the vocals, vocals from the rapper, from the singer, you know are you adding so much to the beat to make it sound like this amazing piece of music?

So, what I’ll say is really start to ask yourself instead of what I can add to this beat, start asking yourself what I can take away. It’s not always about trying to just beef up as many sounds as possible on a beat. Sometimes it’s about taking away, so that you can be even more efficient. The beat doesn’t have to be perfect; it just needs to be efficient. It needs to evoke an emotion. It needs to get people feeling like I need this beat because I got to tell the story. Whatever the story is, whether that’s about going and getting some Versace or some Gucci or whether that’s you know a story about you know a lost love, or whatever the case may be. It’s your job to help tell the story. It’s not your job to take over the whole story. You know, when you think about a movie, movies have directors, and co-directors, and producers, and executive producer, they all play their own role. You know the director is not all of it. So, it’s not up to you to try to be all of the creative process of the song, unless you’re rapping over the beat. Okay that’s something else different, but if you’re trying to provide this is as a producer to leasing artists that are out there. Artists who are willing to invest into your product. Do them a favor, and do yourself a favor. Don’t overproduce, leave room for them as well.

Take your time producing your beat and ask your friends to listen to it. Having multiple producers hear your beat can help a ton. they can give you some extra insight on whether you should add on to your beat or remove something from your beat.

Keep Grinding
-Beats Central Team

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